Beyonce Nearly Pulled Off Stage By Crazed Fan: 'It's All Right!' (VIDEOS)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @BeyonceBeyonce debuts short hair

Beyonce Knowles has been applauded for her handling of a recent incident that saw her being pulled of stage by an overzealous fan.

The Grammy award-winning singer, 32, was giving a live rendition of her hit song "Irreplaceable" as part of her Mrs Carter World Tour in Sao Paulo, Brazil when the shirtless fan pounced. Beyonce was kneeling before the crowd when the crazed male fan grabbed her by the waist and pulled her off stage, according to

As expected, Beyonce's security team was quick to respond by forcing the man off the singer and helping her back on to the stage. The man was almost escorted out of the arena by security however Beyonce kindly insisted the fan stay and watch the remainder of her high-energy show.

"Hey, hey! It's all right. Calm! Calm! Calm!" Beyonce told security as they attempted to remove the man.

The singer brushed off the incident and continued with her performance unscathed and upon wrapping up the set, she allegedly approached the man and asked him his name. Beyonce was then heard telling the man, "I love you, too."

Fans of the "Grown Woman" singer flocked to social networking sites to weigh in on the incident. While many expressed concern about Beyonce's safety, others were impressed by her reaction to almost being pulled off stage.

"Why do people call Bey a diva? The woman gets attacked at her own show yet forgives and says 'I love u.' She's far from it #amazing #humble," one fan tweeted.

"OMG Beyonce is such a beautiful soul!! I dont know any pop star who would have reacted the way she did! Anyone else would've ended the show!" another wrote.

"Beyonce just oozes class. Every time something goes wrong at her show, she continues like it ain't nothin!! She's an inspiration," another tweet read.