Beyonce New Haircut 2013: Stylist Explains Why Singer Cut Back-Length Hair (PHOTO)

Beyonce Knowles-Carter recently shocked many fans with a new blonde pixie haircut, and now her stylist is revealing why the entertainer decided to cut her long locks.

Rita Hazan, a hair stylist who has worked with Beyonce, 31, for a year, recently spoke up about transforming the singer's locs. Neal Farinah, a Brooklyn based stylist, cut Beyonce's hair while Hazan colored her hair earlier this week, according to USA Today reports. Hazan revealed the reason for Beyonce's transformation from a long mane to a short champagne cropped cut.

"Her hair was long and went down her back," Hazan said in a USA Today report. "She'd been thinking about it for a while and she wanted to go for it and cut it. It was a moment that she had."

The moment caused a number of people to log onto Twitter and Instagram to comment and participate in several memes that had circulated with the singer as the subject. Some people compared Beyonce to people like fantasy characters Peter Pan and singer Miley Cyrus. Others used other entertainment figures like comedian Ellen DeGeneres and news anchor Anderson Cooper.

"Beyonce got that 'home alone' haircut, that 'Timmy Turner' haircut," one person tweeted. "Her hair was cut by a sword."

However, Hazan described the look his client wanted to achieve when embarking on her new hair journey.

"Old Hollywood meets modern day. I started with her natural hair color," Hazan explained, according to USA Today. "I left her base color the same and took thin pieces and highlighted them to this Champagne blond hair. It's soft but strong at the same time."

While some questioned if Beyonce decided to cut her hair after getting it caught in a large fan while on tour, the stylist denied the speculation.

"No, no, not at all. I don't think she even stopped singing," Hazan said in the USA Today report. "It's insane."