Beyonce Pens Letter to Fans After Show Cancellation Complaints

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(PHOTO) iam.beyonce.comBeyonce performs in the Mrs. Carter World Tour in Croatia

Beyonce Knowles recently penned a handwritten letter to fans after receiving criticism for canceling a concert.

The Grammy award-winning singer cited "dehydration and exhaustion" as reason for canceling her Belgium show on Tuesday. This was evidently not a good enough excuse for some fans who proceeded to complain about the cancellation, which prompted an explanation from Beyonce, 31.

"To my dearest fans in Antwerp. I've never postponed a show in my life. It was very hard for me. I promise I will make it up very son. I'm sorry if I disappointed you," Beyonce wrote in a letter posted on her Facebook page.

"Thank you for your concern. I'm feeling much better now, and I'm ready to give you a great show. See you tonight. All my love, Beyonce," she continued.

(PHOTO) Facebook: BeyonceBeyonce writes a letter to fans

The "Halo" singer was scheduled to perform at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp however doctors reportedly advised her to rest. The show, which is part of Beyonce's "Mrs Carter World tour," will be rescheduled, but seemingly irate fans callously lashed out on her Facebook page.

"Ugh. I flew to Belgium for nothing. #ihateyou," one Facebook user wrote.

"OMG no! I paid good money for this show, surely she can get it together for her fans. So annoyed," another wrote.

"She's sick you clowns! Wouldn't you prefer her to reschedule as opposed to putting on a bad show. Health comes first, show some respect," a more sympathetic user wrote.

Beyonce is set to perform a total of 65-shows around the globe in the space of five months so while she exhaustion is understandable, critics suspect that she may be pregnant.

The New York Post's Page Six claimed Monday that "multiple sources" within the music industry confirmed she and her husband Jay-Z, 43, are expecting their second child. Her representatives are yet to address the rumors.