Beyonce Reignites Surrogate Rumors at Michelle Obama Fundraiser (PHOTOS)

BTwitter: BeyonceBeyonce Attends fundraiser in NYC hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama on March 19th 2012. Tina Knowles (R)

Beyonce Knowles attended an elite fundraising event hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday night, and the new mother's appearance has again sparked debates about whether or not the singer used a surrogate to deliver her baby.


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The 30-year-old stepped out in a figure-hugging navy blue Victoria Beckham dress and blue nails, which fans suspect was in honor of her new born daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, and it was her appearance which has led to speculation that she was never pregnant, according to Daily Mail.

Beyonce reportedly gave birth to her first child 10 weeks ago, and some critics were left scratching their heads after the new mother already appeared to be back to normal.

Although the "Love On Top" singer claims to have had a natural birth, fans began questioning Beyonce's pregnancy when she sported what appeared to be a fluctuating baby bump during a 2011 interview with Australian journalist Molly Meldrum.

A video of the interview shows an evidently pregnant Beyoncé preparing to sit in her seat, but as she does her baby bump appears to deflate.

After going viral, the video attracted considerable media attention, and led to critics including renowned talk show host, Wendy Williams, to publicly suggest that Beyonce had in fact used a surrogate to deliver she and husband Sean "Jay-Z" Carter's first child.

The fluctuating baby bump video was soon followed by reports that the woman who the couple selected as a surrogate had been identified, according to celebrity gossip website

The alleged surrogate's name has never been released, but she is described as a non-English speaking foreigner in her late twenties who was reportedly paid by the high profile couple to deliver Blue Ivy, according to the website.

BTwitterBeyonce arrives at NYC fundraiser on March 19th 2012

While some critics believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z may have used a surrogate, others are not convinced and a number of fans recently took to social networking website Twitter to weigh in on the matter.

"Notice how we barely saw beyonce pregnant? a glimpse here & there. but see jessica simpson pregnant all over the place? ya B had a surrogate," Sky Foxx tweeted.

"Beyonce is perfect to me....but, I wouldn't be suprised if word got out that she got a little nip tuck after giving birth. Lol," Lex. tweeted.

"I'm really surprised Beyonce took as much time off as she did. I thought she'd be back on stage as soon as the surrogate gave birth," Secret Squirrel tweeted.

"We're a little bit jealous of B's post baby bod. How does she do it?" CafeLaModa tweeted.

Beyonce has already scheduled her first post-baby concerts, is is set to return to the stage during Memorial Day Weekend.