Beyonce Reveals Affinity for Reality TV, 'Real Housewives' Kenya Moore Reacts

Beyonce Knowles seemed to be in good spirits after her most recent Super Bowl halftime show performance. She gave the world a glimpse of her possible affinity for reality television shows and internet sensations by imitating reality show star Kenya Moore and YouTube sensation Sweet Brown.

Beyonce, the 31-year-old Grammy Award winning singer, managed to draw the attention of 104 million viewers on Super Bowl Sunday according to the Nielsen company. She took time to focus her attention on popular "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" television personality and former Miss USA Kenya Moore after her performance.

A reporter from "Inside Edition" questioned the singer and her Destiny's Child counterparts about how it felt to perform together. While Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland responded by saying "wonderful" and "it was fun," Beyonce chose to quote Moore from the Bravo Network reality television show.

"They were fierce honey," Beyonce said in an exaggerated southern accent. "Gone with the wind fabulous!"

The phrase was made popular by Moore on her reality television show, prompting the former Miss USA to also create a song bearing the same name. The pageant winner, producer, actress and reality television star seemed excited that Beyonce would quote her popular phrase and took to Twitter to let over 78,000 followers know.

When one person brought Beyonce's imitation of the phrase to Moore's attention, the reality television star reacted by tweeting, "I live!!!"

When daytime talk show host Wendy Williams brought attention to Beyonce's statement on her show, Moore also tweeted about it.

"YAASS!! From the queen of daytime @WendyWilliams, a beauty queen & @Beyonce the Queen B is GoneWithTheWindFabulous," Moore tweeted.

However, Beyonce did not end her imitations by playfully reciting Moore's well-known phrase. The singer also reenacted a popular news story featuring a woman known as Sweet Brown, who served as a witness to a fire in an Oklahoma City KFOR News report last year.

The video of Brown went viral and the witness' phrase "Lord Jesus, it's a fire" also gained mass popularity.

After a power outage took place at the most recent Super Bowl, Beyonce was inquired about the incident by a reporter from the television show "Extra."

The singer responded by using Brown's famed phrase saying, "Power went out? Did the power go out? Lord Jesus it's a fire!"

Fans of the singer took to YouTube and Twitter to comment about her imitations.

"100 Internet Points to Beyonce," one person wrote on YouTube.

Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Tiegen took to Twitter to comment about the singer saying, "Beyonce described her Super Bowl performance as 'gone with the wind fabulous' - i love her."