Beyonce Vogue Cover: Talks Child Birth Pain and Internet Trolls (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Facebook: BeyoncéBeyoncé is on the cover of Vogue maagzine March 2013

Beyonce will be featured in Vogue magazine's March issue, marking the second time the singer has graced the cover of the glossy fashion magazine.

Dressed in a black and white Givenchy number and rocking sixties style hair and make-up, the 31-year-old appears confident and relaxed alongside the headline "Queen B! Beyonce Rules The World." She first covered the fashion magazine in 2009 alongside the headline "Real women have curves — Beyonce at her best."

During her interview with Vogue's Jason Gay, Beyonce discussed motherhood and her 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, her upcoming documentary and internet trolls.

"She's my road dog, She's my homey, my best friend," Beyonce said of her and Jay-Z's only child Blue Ivy. "I feel like I have something that has grounded me so much more. Family has always been important. I've always had my mother and my father and my husband. But it's just ... Life is so much more than ... It's not defined by any of this."

In January 2012, Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy naturally in a luxury birthing suite at the Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. The singer revealed that despite it being her first time she was unafraid and "now I definitely want another, but I don't know when."

"My family and my closest people were there when I gave birth. Everything that scared me just was not present in that room. So for me to really let go and really appreciate every contraction ... it was the best day of my life," she said.

The usually private Hollywood starlet even opened up about giving birth to Blue Ivy and claims that she was able to communicate with her unborn child throughout the procedure.

"I felt very maternal around eight months and I thought I couldn't become any more until I saw the baby ... But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child," she said. "I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn't think about my own pain ... We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication."

Months prior to the birth, the singer was mired in controversy over speculation that she faked her pregnancy and used a surrogate. Beyonce had sat down for a candid interview with Australian DJ Molly Meldrum and footage of her stomach seemingly folding immediately went viral, which triggered the rumor.

"That was very odd. Who even thinks that? Like, who would make that up ... You can't take it too seriously," she said.

Beyonce admitted that while she does read the press, she pays no attention to internet trolls who who at times spew hatred at the singer in the comments section.

"Don't scroll down!" Beyonce said about how she avoids reading the nasty comments. "You're definitely going to get your feelings hurt."

The singer recently produced her very own mini-documentary which is set to air Feb. 16 on HBO and doing so allegedly helped her "heal."

"This movie has healed me in so many ways. It makes me want to cry. I'm sorry," a teary eyed Beyonce said, "I'm very passionate about it, and it just feels good."