Beyonce Will 'Never' Judge X-Factor, Says Father

Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles, dismissed rumors about the star joining the cast of "X-Factor" in the U.S., and said that there was no chance she would ever take a judging position.

Beyonce's father, when asked about the judging rumors in an interview with the U.K.'s Sunday Mirror, told them that judging a show- no matter how lucrative- was one of the few things Beyonce would "never do."

"It would never happen as Beyonce would never do that," said Knowles. "There are a few things that she would never do and that is one. It's not for her."

In addition to his staunch denial of the rumors, Knowles also cited another reason Beyonce would not appear on "X-Factor"- the U.K. version of the show already has a perfectly good judge from former R&B supergroup Destiny's Child in Kelly Rowland.

"Kelly Rowland is doing a great job and I'm glad to see that Simon Cowell is having her back," Knowles told the Sunday Mirror.

Beyonce being tied to "X-Factor" came amid reports that the show had not been doing as well as anticipated. Simon Cowell, former "American Idol" judge and the creator of "X-Factor," told BBC that he would have to make serious changes in order to compete with the highly-rated television show.

"I had a big bottom lip at the end of last year. It was a tough year, but it wasn't a horrible year. I just realize you have to do things better and not feel sorry for yourself," Cowell told BBC.

Cowell implemented drastic changes, firing host Steve Jones and judges Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul from the program, and searching for new judges to bring in a wider audience.

Almost overnight, rumors sprang up from and other sources that Cowell had offered new mom Beyonce up to $100 million to judge "X-Factor."

Beyonce did not respond.

Although Matthew Knowles was Beyonce's manager in the past, he no longer manages the world-renowned songstress.