Beyonce Writes About Respect for Serena Williams

Beyonce Knowles, the 31-year-old singer, is letting the world know how much she respects professional tennis star Serena Williams.

Williams, 31, recently took home her 16th major tennis trophy after winning the 2013 French Open. Knowles, a successful professional in her own right, made sure to let the athlete know just how inspiring she was by posting a handwritten letter on her personal website.

"Stunt on them Serena. 31 and in your prime," Knowles wrote on a white piece of unlined paper. "You have no idea how much you inspire all of us women. I'm so proud of you."

The singer signed the letter with "all my love and respect" before signing her name.

Knowles has been known for writing letters to women who inspire her. Last year, the singer wrote a public letter to First Lady of the U.S. Michelle Obama.

"Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that you do for us – I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you, to look up to," Knowles wrote in a letter posted to her personal website. "No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope – she's humble, loving, and sincere. She builds and nurtures her family, while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways."

Knowles explained that she wrote the letter for women all around the world in a campaign video for President Barack Obama earlier this year.

"I wrote a letter to the First Lady because I wanted her to know what I am very grateful for everything she's doing for our country, and also for women around the world," Knowles said.

The singer has also posted handwritten letters to fans and her mother Tina Knowles on her personal website in the past.