Beyonce's Father Opens Up About Inauguration Performance, Granddaughter Blue Ivy

Matthew Knowles, the father and former manager of Beyoncé Knowles, is speaking up about his daughter as a mother and how he felt about her performance on the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

The Knowles patriarch spoke on HLN's The Showbiz Countdown about how he views his daughter as a mother.

"I'm proud to see her as a mother. I know this was something very important to her and to see her hold Blue Ivy-that's something very special," Knowles said on HLN. "I have a picture that no one else will ever get to see of her holding Blue Ivy. You can see the joy in her face."

Knowles also opened up about his daughter's performance at President Obama's inauguration.

"When I see her perform, I am so proud. It reminds me of when she was a kid. I know all of her dreams have come true," Knowles continued. "It makes me so proud to see her-an incredible talent. I can tell that special thing when Beyoncé's really happy. It's a certain way she dances, it's a certain smile that she has. And I saw that. It brought tears to my eyes."

Beyoncé recently premiered her HBO documentary "Life is But A Dream" where she opened up about the decision to step away from her father's management and focus on their personal relationship.

"I felt like I had to move on and not work with my dad. I don't care if I don't sell one record. This is bigger than the record," the 31-year-old singer said. "It's bigger than my career. I think one of the biggest reasons I decided it was time for me to manage myself is because at some point you need your support system and you need your family."

The singer admitted that it was difficult transitioning from being managed by Knowles to focusing on being his daughter.

"It was difficult and we both knew it was time, maybe a few years before. I love my father so much and he has taught me so many things," Knowles revealed in a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey. "So it was something that was hard."