Beyonce's Longtime Stylist Left 'Teary Eyed' After Learning About Haircut

Kim Kimble, Beyonce Knowles longtime hairstylist, revealed that the singer's new haircut left her emotional.

Although Kimble and Beyonce have worked together for some time, the singer consulted stylists Neal Farinah and Rita Hazan to cut and color her champagne blonde colored pixie hairdo.

"I got a little teary eyed," Kimble told PEOPLE magazine when she learned about Beyonce's new hairdo. "I've been working for her so long, she has this beautiful long hair and it's hard to grow hair out. I feel like it's my hair, I work so much with her."

Kimble was scheduled to work with Beyonce on her latest music video that was filmed last weekend and admitted that the singer's new haircut would present a challenge for her. Still Kimble seemed to welcome the opportunity.

"I had a whole plan laid out … I wanted to do a retro '50s type of hair. I feel like there's going to be a meeting soon," she exclaimed to PEOPLE. "It won't be the long, wavy, typical hair, but I'm really excited to do something different. No matter what, she knows I'll give her what she wants!"

Kimble, a Los Angeles, Calif. hair salon owner and star of the reality television series "L.A. Hair" admitted that while she was emotional, she was also inspired by Beyonce.

" I feel a little emotional but excited for her too," Kimble told PEOPLE. "Maybe I'll cut my hair off now. Short hair, don't care!"

Hazan, has worked with Beyonce for a year and recently spoke up the singer wanting to empower herself by cutting her hair.

"I was shocked. I think she was just feeling empowered, like a strong woman, and she said she's been feeling it for a long time," Hazan revealed in an Us Weekly report. "She didn't want to hide behind her hair in real life."