'Beyond Skyline' Release Date, News: Trailer Previews Characters Going to War With Human-Kidnapping, Invading Aliens

Facebook/beyondskylinefilmPromotional image for "Beyond Skyline."

The trailer to the sequel movie "Beyond Skyline" has recently been revealed, and its snippets show that the characters are bound to fight human-kidnapping aliens.

The video teaser opened by showing the growing rift in the father-son relationship of a detective and main protagonist named Mark (Frank Grillo) and his son Trent (Jonny Weston). The first scenes of the trailer show the latter getting involved in an altercation that landed him in jail.

There were also snippets suggesting that the relationship of the two started going from bad to worse when Mark's wife and Trent's mother, Rose (Valentine Payen), died.

While on a train ride from jail, an earthquake-like incident happened that paralyzed the subway operation. While trying to get out, several strong collisions were heard from outside the train station.

The next scenes showed a blinding blue light coming down from the skies.  A massive spaceship then emerged and sucked up hundreds of humans as if kidnapping them from Earth. Later on, Trent gets vacuumed by the flying ship as well, right in front of his father. Giant alien creatures then overrun the place.

While escaping the chaos that engulfed the city, Mark ended up finding an underground human resistance set to fight against the alien invaders. The group is being led by another main protagonist, Sua (Iko Uwais). They are hiding in a wide field that resembled the surroundings of the historic Inca Empire. According to Ain't It Cool, this place is set in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, and featured the Sewu Temples.

Upon meeting Sua, Mark made a deal with him. The resistance will help him bring back his son while the detective will be part of defending their fortress. However, the latter scenes in the trailer show that robot aliens will later on penetrate their hideout.

Overall, many fans agree that the trailer for "Beyond Skyline" is a well-executed. However, other people and some reports just cannot get over how "awful" the predecessor movie, "Skyline," was delivered.

/FILM described the first film as "probably one of the worst movies given a wide release in theaters" in 2010. To be fair, the same report also commented that "Beyond Skyline's" trailer was "surprisingly not awful."

The same Ain't It Cool report said "Beyond Skyline" will premiere at the Sitges International Film Festival this October. Meanwhile, a mass theater release has yet to be announced.