Bible College Offers Doctorate for Donation of $85; But You Better Hurry, the Offer Is Only Good Until the End of August

(Photo: Screen Grab via Twitter)Archbishop Derrick Young, president and Chancellor of Abundant Life Bible College and Theological Seminary in Stuart, Florida holds up a sample of the school's honorary doctorate.

If you've always wanted the honor of being called a doctor officially, the Abundant Life Bible College and Theological Seminary in Stuart, Florida is promising to give you just that for a small donation of $85. You better hurry though, this fire sale only lasts until the end of August.

"I am here to talk to you about our honorary degree program which I know will be a blessing to you and what I have here is a sample of our honorary doctorate degree. Take a look for yourself," explained the college's president and Chancellor Archbishop Derrick Young, proudly posing with a sample of the precious degree in a Socialcam video posted on Twitter. "We are running a special right now for $85."

And if you are wondering about the school's credentials, Young assures that the school has been in operation for more than eight years and has been fully accredited by the State of Florida as well as other agencies.

It also appears that among Young's primary target audience are Christian ministry workers.

"See some people are confused. They get the honorary doctorate degree confused with academic degrees. Academic degrees require you to go to some type of schooling for a number of years. Honorary degrees are based on your ministry or experience and your work in a particular field," said Young.


"With our honorary degrees, we have an honorary doctorate degree in divinity. We have an honorary doctorate degree in sacred music, we have an honorary doctorate degree in literature and humane letters as well as well as humanities which I know will be a blessing to you," he continued.

Young also further explained that the required donation for the degree had been slashed almost in half from the usual $150.

"Again our honorary doctorate degrees are only for a donation of $85 currently until August 31st. The normal donation requirement is $150. So why not take advantage today and send for your honorary doctorate degree. Isn't this a beautiful degree right here?" he said.

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