Biblically Accurate Film Based on Revelation Planned by Christian Production Company

Royal Crown Productions, a high technology Christian multimedia production company, plans to create the most Biblically accurate film based on the Book of Revelation.

Throughout the course of two years, the company will use CGI technology to reenact some of the most epic moments from when John receives the Revelation of Jesus Christ on the Island of Patmos and pens the final and most controversial book of the Bible.

The creation of the film will be paralleled with an internet video study of the Book of Revelation that began in the beginning of this month.

"This is a new concept of study. It makes sense in our technology-type world that this would happen," said Bible Teacher David Hocking of Hope for Today Ministries. "It's a video program with a movie of the book of revelation, only you get it in segments, every month for two every week of that month. This is one of the finest ways I have ever seen to study the Bible, and what a great book to start with."

Hocking will be featured in the study as a speaker along with many other Christian teachers who plan to contribute to the project within the two years.

Some of these other teachers include Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum of Ariel Ministries, Pastor Brian Brodersen of Back to Basics Radio, and Dr. David Reagan of Lamb & Lion Ministries.

The company encourages Bible teachers from all churches to visit the website in order to integrate this study into their ministries and learn more about the project.

Royal Crown is a company that specializes in Judeo-Christian education and is also working on other projects including a 3D Bible World web portal, several epic Biblical motions pictures and Christian computer games and study tools.

Those who are interested in Revelation and the CGI movie can visit the company's website and sign up for the study for just $9.95 per month.