Bic Pen for Her Ads Draw Sarcastic, Mocking Reviews

Bic's new advertisement campaign directed toward women has drawn sharp and sometimes humorous criticism from the public.

The Bic Pen Just for Her boasts pastel colors and a thinner barrel, giving the writing utensil a lighter feel and a more feminine look.

With its "sleek pen silhouette and jeweled accents [to] add style," the Bic Cristal for Her pens have not boosted their sales, but instead, earned them ridicule.

The pen makers are being accused of sexist marketing, and worse, many consumers have taken aim at Bic for the ridiculous ads by posting sarcastic reviews of the new pen on

"AT LAST," started one Amazon user. "BIC, the great liberator, has released a womanly pen that my gentle baby hands can use without fear of unlady-like callouses and bruises. Thank you, Bic!"

Another shopper, Lady Ladyson, posted, "As a female I've spent my whole life having to scratch all written messages into the kitchen table with my perfectly manicured nails between cooking meals and making clothes. Finally a writing utensil suited for my delicate hands!"

"I am a woman now," wrote another sarcastic reviewer.

Women are not the only ones haranguing Bic for the Bic Cristal pen line. Men have also posted jokes and poked fun at the pen makers over the For Her ads.

"Wow- now I know why my wife's handwriting has been so awful- she was using pens for men! Now with this BIC for women pen, she will write like the 'lady' that she was designed to be," wrote user Concerned Husband.

Another male jokingly posted, "I am writing this review on behalf of my wife since obviously a computer is a man's domain and BIC has yet to create a keyboard sensitive enough for her delicate fingers. My wife used her weekly allowance to purchase a set of BIC Cristal For Her ball pens. Like a monkey using a stick, it was fascinating to watch her write her first words with the BIC pens. She was moved to tears (as women often are) by writing just a few simple words."

Dozens of reviews continued to ridicule BIC for the pen advertisements, and even Twitter users joined in on the fun, including comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

"Bic has a new line of pens for women," the talk show host posted. "What am I going to do with all my mannish pencils?"

Mandi wrote, "As much as we love creative marketing ideas, sometimes we love the 'gone wrong' stories too," and added a link to Bic's recent customer reviews on the pens designed for women.