Bieber 'Sixteenth Chapel' Remark Causes Embarrassment, Confused With Sistine Chapel (VIDEO)

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Twitter: Justin BieberJustin Bieber releases new single "Boyfriend" on March 26 2012

Justin Bieber received a dose of humiliation on Thursday during the "David Letterman Show" when he failed to show off his background in art history.

The "Never Say Never" singer may now be getting a pay back for all of those attempted pranks he pulled on other celebrities recently on "Punk'd." Thursday night the joke was on Bieber and Letterman didn't have to do much to make it happen.

In celebration of his new album "Believe" the young star had the name of the album stamped on the back side of his forearm. Letterman however, didn't approve of the new look.

"Explain this to me, is that a new tattoo?" the 65-year-old talk show host asked.

"This is a new tattoo," the 18-year-old responded. "I have just a couple."

"Well, tell me that's the last one," Letterman said.

"Might be," Bieber replied.

"No, no, it is," an annoyed Letterman said. "Honestly, how does that help how you look to have a tattoo?"

"How does it not?" Bieber asked. "It doesn't not help the way I look."

Failing to satisfy Letterman with his answer, the talk show host decided to grab the singer's arm and attempted to rub the ink off.

"Ey, ey, ey, ey," Bieber exclaimed. "This is brand new. Grampa!" the singer said shaking his head.

Letterman then poked fun an Bieber's "ey" before moving on to state that some people go too far and get too many tattoos.

"Do me a favor: don't go nuts, you know what I mean?" Letterman asked. "Because more and more, you see the 'mural' and like the Sistine Chapel... it's too much," the host continued referring to the Vatican chapel, made famous for the number of great artists who have contributed to it through artworks on the wall including Michelangelo who painted much of the ceiling.

Bieber, however, failed to understand Letterman, "I'm not going for the 16th chapel look."

The audience was quick to break out in laughter.

"Canadian high school!" Letterman quipped.