Bieber Sundaes Sold in London

A department store in London has launched an ice cream sundae that imitates the fragrance designed by Justin Bieber.

Harrods, who also carries the best-selling “Someday” fragrance, is selling the sundae called “Bieber Bocker Glory” for $32. The steep price tag may be due to the store donating a portion of proceeds to the Make-A-Wish foundation, which raises money to fund special experiences for terminally ill children.

The dessert involves a mix of wild berry and pear flavors with vanilla ice cream, and is accented with lavender sprinkles and edible glitter, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Bieber’s “Someday” scent is exclusive to Harrods until September in the U.K.; and to promote the store’s new Ice Cream Parlor Café, Harrods is limiting the availability of the sundae to the month of August.

Justin Bieber has made U.S. history with the biggest celebrity fragrance launch on record at Macy’s. The fragrance made over $3 million in sales within a single month of release. A portion of proceeds from “Someday” sales go to a number of selected charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Paul West, the chairman and CEO of Give Back Brands, the company partnered with Bieber allowing charitable contribution, was thrilled with the fragrance’s popularity.

“Justin’s fans have spoken,” West said in USA Today. “This incredible fragrance and Justin’s massive worldwide appeal paired with the idea that you can buy something you love and at the same time contribute to a meaningful cause proved to be an incredibly compelling proposition.”

The 17-year-old Christian singer is pleased by the success of his fragrance, and wrote in an email, “I’m excited and humbled at the news about Someday. It means a lot to me that my fans are there to support. And the best part for me is that my favorite charities are going to share in the success. It is important to pay it forward.”