'Big Brother' 15 Cast Shaken by Nominees for Eviction (Spoilers)

After Kaitlin was evicted from the Big Brother House, Aaryn won the Head of Household competition, causing mixed emotions throughout the house. Did she live up to her promise to Helen and essentially give her control of the House? Read on to learn who is up for eviction this week.

Last week Aaryn promised Helen that she would throw the Head of Household competition but instead ended up winning it, making several people quite happy and causing Elissa great distress. Earlier, before the eviction, Helen told Aaryn to put Howard and Spencer up for eviction, and she readily agreed.

Candice warned Howard of the situation and told him not to tell Spencer, so that he would be caught off-guard and possibly go home. The two have grown incredibly close this season, and Candice admitted that it would be incredibly hard to see him go home.

Helen then switched her strategy and decided to go after her former teammate, Elissa, fearing that she had leaked her plan to put Spencer and Howard up for eviction. The houseguests all seemed to be on board with that idea, and Elissa's fate seemed sealed, especially given her hostile relationship with Aaryn.

Later, though, Howard spoke with Aaryn and encouraged her to make her own selections and go against the house's wishes. He and Spencer both told her not to be influenced by what the houseguests wanted but to play her own game and do what was best for her.

In the end, Aaryn decided to nominate Howard and Spencer for eviction, fulfilling the house's wishes and keeping her promise to Helen. Now both men will have the opportunity to compete for the Power of Veto, and America still has to announce the third houseguest for eviction. That could certainly derail Aaryn's plan and force her to make a move that would upset the houseguests.

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