'Big Brother' 15 Contestant: 'Christian Beliefs Are Everything to Me'

"Big Brother" debuted last night and the new contestants learned of several new twists in the game. One contestant, though, is focused on his faith and spoke fervently of his religious convictions while in the house.

"I'm bringing my Bible… not gonna deviate from my time with God in the house," contestant Howard told the cameras as he packed his bag to move into the Big Brother house.

Howard works as a youth counselor and was eager to move into the house, where he could win $500,000. He'll have to outplay his fellow contestants, which could lead to great success. However, as the players learned last night, there is a greater chance of eviction every single week.

Host Julie Chen announced that not one, not two, but three houseguests would be eligible for eviction each week. The Head of Household will nominate two houseguests, per tradition, but in the second twist, the audience will be able to vote for a House MVP. The MVP is the person the audience believe played the game the best; he or she will be able to nominate someone for eviction… anonymously.

"Christian beliefs are everything to me," Howard told his housemates during introductions.

He then threw the Head of Household competition in order to not draw attention to himself. Howard also joined a secret alliance with two other players, as was to be expected. Alliances were formed left and right throughout the house.

"God helps those who help themselves," Howard said after forming the alliance.

This season promises to be exceptionally challenging for contestants, especially with former winner Rachel Reilly's sister Elissa in the house. There are several players who appear to be non-contestants, but "Big Brother" is all about mind games and survival.

For example, pizza deliveryman McCrae, who appeared incredibly awkward in the first hours of the show managed to secure his spot as Head of Household after enduring over 4 hours holding onto a slippery Popsicle. It will be interesting to see who he puts up for elimination during tonight's episode and how Howard's beliefs will help him in the house.

"Big Brother" airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights on CBS.