Big Brother 15 Episode 21 (Spoilers): Jessie's Bold Moves Will Get Her Voted Out? (Online Live Stream)

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(Photo: Facebook)The 'Big Brother' logo.

Episode 21 of Big Brother 15 is coming this Wednesday night on CBS and will show the house's alliances as things get closer to the final four. The episode can be watched online through live stream (see details below).

Viewers will be able to witness the latest Power of Veto competition on the show. Furthermore, one of the biggest incidents this week will be shown; how Jessie made her bold move to get rid of powerful Amanda. She is also seen making alliances and backroom deals.

However, Jessie's plan to back door Amanda will fail as Andy goes and tells her. She is being supported by other house guests such as McCrae Olson, Andy Herren and Helen Kim, though they are feeling she has too much power.

According to CelebDirty Laundry, Jessie's move against Amanda is going to get her voted out of the house this Thursday, though she thinks she is staying.

Andy has won the HoH and PoV, so he has all the power, but he seems to be the weakest in the house. Therefore, he is expected to use the opportunity to try something new, such as getting rid of Helen or Amanda, but he doesn't use the PoV on anybody.

On Sunday's episode there was a shocking eviction of Judd Daugherty. The house guests were convinced that this was a good move to make. However, many of them admitted it was one of the hardest evictions of the season.

Episode 21 of Big Brother will air on CBS at 8 p.m. (EST) and can be watched online through live stream HERE. Aired episodes can be seen on CBS website.