'Big Brother' 15 Recap: Who's Up for Eviction? (Spoilers)

"Big Brother" continues on this summer, and Head of Household McCrae made his nominations for the first elimination. However, will the new MVP twist throw a wrench into his plans?

After an intense Have-Have Not competition, McCrae joined forces with Howard, Nick, Jeremy, and Spencer to form a five-man alliance known as the Moving Company. The Company's motto? "Let's move bodies" out of this place. They quickly set to work deciding who to move out first.

McCrae kept his word and his alliance safe but nominated Jessie and Candice for eviction, doing exactly what the house wanted him to do. Moving Company recommended that he stick with nominating two females in order to avoid drawing attention to himself.

"I'm ready to fight; I'm ready to compete. I want to win," Candice told the cameras.

However, the "Big Brother" game still has several twists before either Jessie or Candice could be eliminated. Contestants will battle it out in the Power of Veto competition, which could veto McCrae's nomination. Neither of the women is in an alliance yet, which could lead to their downfall if they don't team up soon.

The other complicating factor is the mysterious, and new, "Big Brother" MVP that has yet to be announced. Whoever is named MVP will be able to nominate a third person for eviction but do so anonymously, without drawing any attention to him or herself. It could definitely throw a wrench into McCrae's plans, as well as that of any future Head of Household.

Housemates also figured out that Elissa is actually Rachel Reilly's sister, causing a great deal of excitement, resentment, and anticipation throughout the house. Many were angry with Elissa for not revealing her true identity earlier in the game and wondered if it was part of a larger strategy for game play. However, McCrae thought it was great and looked forward to playing with someone so famous.

"Big Brother" airs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights on CBS.