'Big Brother' 16 Spoilers: Shocking Power of Veto Decision Divides the House

(Photo: Facebook)The 'Big Brother' logo.

During last night's "Big Brother," an alliance nearly came apart and the Power of Veto competition reinforced the separation between players.

It was no secret that Head of Household Devin wanted Brittany out of the house for personal reasons. Members of the Bomb Squad quickly split into two factions. One faction wanted to get Paola out of the house and go against Devin's wishes in order to stand up to the man they called a "dictator." That led to a showdown between Devin and Caleb, who brought the split to his attention. In the end though, the two made up and order was seemingly restored.

Once Devin learned of the separation, he called a meeting of the Bomb Squad to get to the bottom of the division. He learned from Zach that people wanted him out of the house next week because of his attitude and behavior; Devin quickly put Zach on his "do not trust" list and a new division was made.

Zach, Derrick, Amber, Paola, Brittany and Devin all played in the Veto competition. Right before it started, Devin told Paola he would use the Veto on her if he should win. Zach, Amber, and Brittany all wanted to win in order to defy Devin and save Brittany. Derrick told the cameras that he wanted to remain loyal to Devin and get Brittany out of the house. Devin won the competition, giving him complete control over the nominations.

Frankie tried to tell Zach that the best way to play "Big Brother" was to lie and try to at least pretend to go along with the Head of Household. Zach maintained that he thought he was doing the best thing by being completely honest with Devin.

Brittany then appealed to Devin to try and stay, but he told her that she was a huge threat. She played the parent card and said that she hoped a parent would win "Big Brother," which tugged at Devin's heart. Brittany was able to make a deal with Devin, but was very uncomfortable with her decision. He revealed that Paola had thrown the Block competition at his request, which also did not sit well with Brittany.

Brittany's appeal worked, and Devin decided to use the Power of Veto to spare her from elimination. He then chose Zach as the replacement nominee. Just as the meeting was adjourned, Brittany got up to say something but the show quickly ended … leaving plenty of questions as to what she was about to say. Viewers will have to tune in Thursday night to find out.

Meanwhile, the three members of Team America have been revealed: Frankie, Derrick, and Donny.

"Big Brother" airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.