'Big Brother' Eviction: Who Was Evicted First? (SPOILERS)

It's been a busy week for the contestants on "Big Brother." After a stunning twist at the Veto competition, Jessie, Elissa, and David were up for eviction, but who went home? Read on to find out.

McCrae decided to save Candice after the Veto competition and put up supposedly good friend Elissa, which pleased the house. He explained that he wanted to keep Elissa in the house but also wanted to keep the houseguests happy and not get any blood on his hands.

"He really betrayed my trust. I told him I was Rachel's sister and the MVP," Elissa told the cameras, "but he still put me up on the block."

Elissa then went to work trying to show a new attitude and warmth toward her fellow competitors. Spencer and Amanda decided that it would be better to have Elissa on their side, at least for a little while, to use her as a weapon to stay in the house.

Aaryn, meanwhile, went on a rampage using her friend Jeremy to address people who were reportedly talking behind her back. One houseguest described her as the "head of a snake," while Jeremy was the "brawny body of the snake." Aaryn told her friends that she "would not stop" until everyone was out of the house.

Of course, it's been a rough week for Aaryn on the outside of the house, given that she was fired from her job after making offensive remarks about her fellow houseguests.

"Thank you for an amazing couple of weeks… I hope you vote to keep me so we can party," Jessie said during her plea to remain.

"I've been a target since day one and it would be smart to keep a target around so you are not a threat," Elissa said.

"I think you should keep me. I'm a stand-up guy," David added before the voting.

At the end of the show, David was the first houseguest evicted and Elissa lived to see another week.