Big Brother Season 15: Cast Crown New Head of Household? Who Is Up for Eviction? (SPOILERS)

"Big Brother" crowned a new Head of Household last night and put two new contestants up for eviction, which has new implications for the rest of the houseguests and could uproot the game play.

Aaryn and Jeremy won the Head of Household competition, which made Aaryn completely happy given that her "boyfriend" went home last week. She, Jeremy, and GinaMarie wanted to get revenge for David's eviction and make the houseguests pay. They decided that Aaryn would take HOH, so that Jeremy could compete in the next HOH competition.

Aaryn went on a rampage and declared that she was out for revenge against the person who set David up to be evicted. For the Head of Household competition she teamed up with Jeremy, who vowed that they would honor David with their win… making life miserable for the other contestants. She is the same competitor that will have a harsh reckoning when she leaves the Big Brother house and learns she has been fired from her job for making offensive comments in the house.

She immediately called out those who voted for David to be the four "Have Nots" for the week. Elissa, Andy, Helen, and Candice were made the "Have Nots," which did not gain Aaryn any fans among the houseguests. Later on, she decided to nominate Elissa and Helen for eviction.

It was a dramatic first week for the houseguests, as former Head of Household McCrae decided to go the safe route and nominate two women for eviction. Candice and Jessie had to fight for their safety and, after winning the Power of Veto, McCrae decided to veto his own nomination and save Candice. He then nominated Elissa to take her place, knowing all of her secrets. Elissa, the first "Big Brother" MVP, nominated David for eviction, and he was the first houseguest sent packing.

Meanwhile, the plot and hope to get this season's villain, Elissa, out of the house still remains. The Moving Company wants to use Elissa as a weapon throughout the competition and work behind-the-scenes in order to secure their own places in the house. She, however, is aware of all that is going on around her and is busy plotting her own game.