'Big Brother' Spoilers: Elissa Turns House Upside-Down; Amanda Lashes Out

With Elissa as Head of Household, things drastically changed inside the "Big Brother" household. She made it very clear that she was playing her own game, and the contestants duked it out for the Power of Veto. Who won? Keep reading.

Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae for eviction, hoping to make Aaryn and Amanda as miserable as possible since her friend in the house, Helen, went home last week. GinaMarie tried to play both sides and complimented Elissa on her decisions, which only angered Amanda further. McCrae tried to warn Amanda that any bad behavior on her part would end up hurting him.

Amanda asked whether or not Elissa would put her up if GinaMarie would win and use the Power of Veto on Aaryn. Even though Elissa assured her she wouldn't, Amanda was certain that Aaryn was lying. Elissa told the cameras that she wanted to get Amanda out of the house and thought it might be a good move to backdoor her. Judd was immediately on-board with the plan.

Elissa then brought Aaryn into the situation and said she wanted to work with her to get Amanda out of the house. Aaryn also immediately agreed to the plan and promised to fight for the Veto so that she could come off the block and put Amanda up.

McCrae, Aaryn, Elissa, Amanda, GinaMarie, and Judd all battled for the Power of Veto; the odds were stacked evenly for McCrae or Aaryn to come off the block. Amanda flew into a rage when Aaryn picked Judd to play in the competition; GinaMarie tried to comfort Aaryn and just support her decision to protect herself.

Amanda then called out Elissa and GinaMarie for talking game and stopping the chatter every time she walked by. McCrae tried to pull Amanda away from the situation, and Elissa worked to diffuse GinaMarie's antagonism.

Amanda won the Power of Veto, destroying Elissa's plan to backdoor her and get McCrae out of the House as well. Amanda then set her own plan in motion: to torture Elissa and then send Andy in to comfort her, thus securing his place in the House. However, when it came down to it, Elissa put up Andy, which made Amanda furious.

Elissa explained that she was thrilled to get one member of Amanda's alliance out of the house. Andy told the cameras later that he would no longer be working with Amanda and McCrae; in a separate personal moment, Aaryn said the same thing.