Monday, August 13, 2012
'Biggest Brown-Noser' and Paul Ryan: Possible VP's Life Exposed

'Biggest Brown-Noser' and Paul Ryan: Possible VP's Life Exposed

"Biggest brown-noser" was what Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate selected by Mitt Romney, was voted in high school. The Republican Congressman attended Joseph A. Craig High School in his native Janesville, Wis., and was awarded with the unscrupulous title.

Though Ryan was given the title of biggest brown-noser, his cousin, Adam Ryan, won the title of "Most Likely to Succeed," according to the Los Angeles Times. Now that the 7-term member of the House of Representatives could become the next Vice President, his 1988 classmates may have to eat their words.

Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan- somewhat of a personal opposite to him- has led to many details of the 42-year-old's life being exposed as voters get to know him. While some more politically informed U.S. citizens knew the congressman only for his controversial Ryan Budget, many will now see him on a more personal level.

Ryan was a very involved student: he joined the student council, history club, Latin club, letterman's club, outdoors club, pep club, ushers club, and the International Geographic Society. He was also part of the Model U.N., he ran track for two years, played varsity soccer, and played basketball, the LA Times reported.

Ryan went on to Miami University in Ohio with some of his conservative ideals already formed, but while there, was introduced to the writings of Ayn Rand by Professor Richard Hart. Although he disavows the author's atheism because of his Catholic beliefs, her ideas did influence his views on economics, and he graduated with a B.A. double major in economics and political science in 1992.

The congressman originally become widely known with his 2008 debt reduction proposal dubbed The Ryan Budget, and subsequent revisions to the plan in subsequent years. Various GOP politicians have cited his dedication to economic policy, but critics of his plan say it would harm the poor and elderly.

Ever since Mitt Romney made his choice of Ryan to be his running mate, there have been a number of significant changes to his Wikipedia page- some tallies number in the hundreds so far. However, the "brown-noser" comment still stands as of this article's publication.