'Biggest Loser' Winner Dishes on Life Post-Competition (SPOILER)

Last night America crowned a new "Biggest Loser" named Danni Allen. The 26-year-old managed to lose 121 pounds, or 46.9 percent of her entire body weight throughout the competition and took home much more than the $250,000 cash prize.

"My entire quality of life has improved. I never knew how happy I could be!" Allen told In Touch Weekly. "I had moments in the past where I thought I was sexy – but never beautiful. I'm wearing the clothes now! The clothes aren't wearing me."

"I made my apartment a safe zone by removing all foods that were unhealthy or triggers for my binge tendencies, like ice cream. It still amazes me how I absentmindedly find my hand over a chip bowl at parties," she added.

Trainer Jillian Michaels helped Allen with her astonishing transformation both in the gym and outside the gym. Throughout the season, Allen had one-on-one time with Michaels due to other members of her team being eliminated from the competition. It was clear that the two developed a strong bond.

"Those are huge footsteps," Allen told Zap2it when asked if she planned to become a personal trainer like Michaels. "I just know that life can be changed. Now I can't wait to let the world know what we did together– me and Jillian– and then spread it. Let's get America going, and that's the first challenge I want to take on!"

"Right now I do have a boyfriend named 'Gym,'" Allen confessed. "That's capital G-Y-M, because that's the only time I've had. I'm completely single and on the market, but that's a whole new world for me. I don't know what that's going to hold. I think the best part right now is that dreams can happen ... so let's try it all. Let's go."

After the show was over, Allen said that she would use part of the $250,000 to take runner-up Jeff Nichols on a vacation. The two were the finalists for the series and were only separated by one pound at the finale.