Bill Murray Crying Baby Face: Parenting Tactic or Tom Hanks Impression? (PHOTO)

What is the best way to stop a baby from crying? Actor Billy Murray appears to think that imitating one will help, but the jury is still out.

Bill Murray was once and still is a highly-sought after actor. Starring in films like "Caddyshack," "Ghostbusters," and "Groundhogs' Day," the comedian has had his fair share of fame. But these days, it appears that he chooses fewer projects and uses his talents less. His useful acting skills didn't impress a child though- the baby started crying when he met Murray recently.

The photo was submitted by Laura B. to a Tumblr account developed Greg Pembroke titled "Reasons My Son is Crying." In the caption, the reason why Laura's son is crying is because "he met Bill Murray." Of course, Murray did what any parent would do when reacting to a toddler's tears- he made his own crying face.

While Murray's parenting tactics may be questionable to some, at least one parent agreed that crying with your child to stop them from crying is an age-old method that works.

"My brilliant grandfather used this same tactic when dealing with grandkids crying over trivialities, (not real pain or suffering)," the user wrote on a Huffington Post blog. "He would take the crier to the garage and cry with them at the top of his lungs. The result was usually the crying child would dissolve in laughter at the sight of a 6'5" man crying along with them."

Other users, however, cautioned against trying Bill Murray's funny face because he might have copied another popular actor.

"Bill Murray just figured out how to do a Tom Hanks impersonation," one user prompted. At least a dozen other users agreed.

Good parenting tip or not, the mom in the photo didn't seem to mind Murray's attempts. She is depicted in the photo, giving her son a nice, reassuring smile.