Bin Laden Children Joined Father to Flee from Troops

Bin Laden had fled officials for many years while bringing some of his children along with him, according to a statement released by one of Osama Bin Laden's wives.

While the exact number of Bin Laden's children is unknown, reports have estimated that he had anywhere from 20 to 26 kids. Bin Laden first married in 1974, at the age of 17, to a woman named Najwa Ghanem.

In 1983, Bin Laden married Khadijah Sharif. In 1985 he married Khairiah Saba and Siham Sabar in 1987. By 1990 he had divorced Sharif; he also divorced his first wife before 2001. In 2000 he married Amal Ahmad Abdul Fateh, which was his last known marriage, although it is suspected that there could have been at least one more which resulted in an annulment.

The three wives that Bin Laden remained married to following the 9/11 attacks are currently under house arrest. It is believed that a great understanding of the events that occurred while Bin Laden was on the run can be obtained form the women, though only one has offered to speak.

Amal Ahmad Abdul Fateh, at 30 years-old, is the youngest of Bin Laden's wives. Her report offered to the police has given the most detailed account yet of the events the followed 9/11. Although the truth of her statement cannot be confirmed, her statement appears to align with facts that are already known.

Ms. Fateh said that she married Bin Laden in 2000 and gave birth to a daughter shortly after. From that point she reported a life on the run.

"They changed houses up to seven times under arrangements brokered by 'some Pakistani family' and Bin Laden's elder son, Saad," the report revealed.

Fateh stated that she was reunited with her husband by the middle of 2002.

"The American pursuit of Bin Laden was running high: Qaeda operatives had attacked an Israeli-owned hotel in Kenya and nightclubs in Indonesia, and with C.I.A. intelligence resources not yet diverted to Iraq, the search was firmly focused on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area," the report continued.

The team recording the report importantly noted that American troops had come very near to discovering Bin Laden while he was on the run.

"Bin Laden, according to his wife, took his family deep into rural mountain areas of northwest Pakistan - but not, notably, into the tribal belt where much Western attention was focused," the report read.

By 2005 Fateh had moved with Bin Laden to Abbottabad, 20 miles east of Haripur. In 2006 she gave birth to another child, followed by a second child in 2008. The Abbottabad house is the same one that was stormed by the NAVY Seals in 2011.

The raid resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden. Fateh was also shot and four others were killed. The three wives are now being confined to a rented house in Islamabad.