Bin Laden Compound Destruction Raises Question About US Allies

Pakistan has begun demolition on the structure that safe housed Osama Bin Laden for four years before he was discovered by the United Stated military on a secret operation. The action has fueled an argument among some, who question the United States accepting Pakistan as allies.

Osama bin Laden was killed last May by U.S. commandos after an American raid was conducted by helicopter. The move is said to have caused members of the Pakistan government extreme embarrassment because they were not aware beforehand, of the planned raid. Pakistan's military faced criticism after it was unable to prevent the raid, while U.S officials decided to not inform the country of the planned raid in fear that information would be leaked to bin Laden.

According to the Associate Press, residents reported that authorities set up floodlights in order to work after dark. Work began after sunset the residents claimed, although they would not identify themselves in fear of government scrutiny. "A Pakistani intelligence official confirmed that the demolition was in progress but declined to say why the government chose to do it," AP news stated. The location of the compound is not far from the nation's capital and many critics have accused the government of having knowledge of bin Laden's location without providing that information to the United States.

Many readers on USA Today, criticized the United State's relationship with Pakistan as confirmed allies. "Pakistan should be embarrassed; overlooking terrorist #1 right under their noses!" Allan St George said. "Yeah, I'm sure they were overlooking," Heather Perri-Canonico replied. "The only thing that embarrassed them is us taking care of it for them. I believe they knew all along who was residing inside. We should not be counting Pakistan among our allies," Marsha Russell added.

The debate then turned into an argument about the amount of foreign aid that is sent to Pakistan. "We still give that country $12 Billion in Aid Annually right?" John Glassgo questioned.

"Pakistan is not our friend. You are either with us, or against us. By harboring Osama Bin Laden for several years, they made their choice. No more foreign aid to Pakistan," Steve Shoda wrote.