Bird Skull in Spinach: FL Woman Finds Disgusting Head After Serving Dish to Guests

A bird skull in spinach nearly became part of a Sarasota, Fla. woman's dinner over the holidays. Madeline Brogan had purchased a bag of frozen spinach from local grocery store Publix and realized that the small clump she assumed to be vegetables was actually the remains of a dead animal.

The bird skull in the spinach was discovered after Brogan prepared a dish for her friends on New Year's Eve. While cooking the spinach she saw the strange clump and set it aside, continuing to serve the dish as normal, WTVT-TV reported.

However, when she checked the sink the next day while cleaning, she discovered the reddish, skinless and partially frozen head of a bird. Brogan was disgusted.

"I picked it up and started pulling the spinach off of it, and realized there were two eye holes, and it was a little skull," she told WWSB. "I really would expect even a bug, or something that would be even a natural part of something that grows on the ground- a pebble, a stick … even a piece of machinery."

Even nastier was that Brogan thinks someone may have ingested part of the dead bird. The bird had two eyeholes but only one eye when she inspected it.

"I ate that eye, or someone did," she explained.

The Florida woman contacted Publix about what she found, and the store issued a statement assuring customers that the matter was being addressed.

"We did receive communication from the customer through our customer care department, which was shared with our corporate quality assurance team," the statement read. "They are working through the details with the customer and the supplier. We have not received any additional complaints and believe this is an isolated incident."

Brogan revealed that Publix offered her a refund on the bag of frozen spinach, but she said she's more concerned about the matter being taken seriously.