Bishop and Pastor Morton, Meagan Good, DeVon Franklin Talk Godly Relationships

Meagan Good, her husband DeVon Franklin, Bishop Paul S. Morton and his wife Pastor Debra Morton joined together to speak about godly romantic relationships while serving on a panel at Morehouse College recently.

While Good, the Christian actress, married Hollywood executive and preacher Franklin last summer, the Mortons have been married for 36 years and decided to participate in Walmart's "Black Love and Relationships" panel to let people know how God had a hand in their relationships.

Pastor Morton revealed that she was in college when Bishop Morton said that God had revealed that she was his wife. However, the Pastor didn't agree with her now husband as a 22-year-old in college and decided to focus on a friendship with him first.

Still, the Pastor said she understood that many women are in a rush to get married, according to blogger Necole Kane's reports.

"I do understand that you're tired. You're ready," she said on the panel. "The clock is running but I still believe that he that finds a wife finds a good thing and God will show him you. He may show you him, but he will show him you."

While the Pastor spoke about turning down Stellar award-winning Bishop Morton to pursue her career, she ultimately spoke about praying to God for whomever she married to have a lasting love with her that glorified God. The Bishop explained why it was important for young women to follow his wife's lead and take things slowly.

"Young ladies, even if you can wait, if you just don't move too fast, that's what really attracted me to her. Of course, I thought that she overdid it … The 'no's' helped. You have to be strong because a man really appreciates that in the end," Bishop Morton said according to Kane. "Believe me he'll act like he won't, but when you have some rules that you lay down, get some limitations. That's all I'm saying. And it pays off in the end."

Although Good and Franklin do not have a 36-year marriage, Franklin revealed the importance of men learning to embrace commitment.

"In that commitment, as a man, it really helps you to become full because so much of what we need to do as men is really tied up in the partner God brings us. I can tell you my life in eight months has changed drastically for the better," Franklin said on the panel. "The marriage is amazing when you have the right partner as a man. So in terms of dating, I would just say date less and be more intentional in your dating. Doesn't mean everybody you're gonna date, you're gonna marry. But really actually be serious about that person."

Franklin told men who are dating for fun to be up front with women about their intentions and told women to look at God's plan for them instead of their own expectations.

"I told everybody I would never date an actress. It would never happen," Franklin revealed. "And I married one because I was open to God's plan for my life."

Good spoke about the importance of people focusing on themselves before putting all of their energy into marriage.

"For me, one of the biggest things was working on myself first before I was actually working at marriage. Really seeing the areas where I was damaged; the areas where I was struggling; really seeking a marriage with God first," Good said on the panel. " And once I did, that started to kind of clean up my life in certain areas. There's things that have to happen before (marriage) can happen so focus on those things first."

Good, 31, recently created a personal blog on where she spoke about the commitment of marriage and how God honors that bond.

"Marriage.. It's very interesting.. I've come to a lot of revelation in the last couple months... One thing amazing that I learned is: sometimes the things that we want God to do in our lives -he won't do- until we committed to The life partner that he has for us," Good wrote. "(I'm not saying that everyone is intended to be married or that this is a fact for everybody) But I'm saying in my case and I believe in many others- Marriage truly makes you a better person and truly improves your walk with God."