Bishop's killing: Two held as police step up hunt

Two people were yesterday being held by police hunting the killers of Catholic bishop Luigi Locati.

Bishop's killing: Two held as police step up huntBishop Luigi Locati

They were picked up after police found a wallet in the bishop's compound, which they believe was dropped by one of the killers as he jumped over the fence to escape.

"Among the contents of the wallet is a national identity card," CID chief Joseph Kamau said.

"Investigators are right now following very strong leads and we are optimistic we will make some key arrests soon," he added.

Magazine clip

Police also recovered a G3 rifle, similar to those issued to the force, a magazine clip for the rifle containing 18 rounds of ammunition, two spent cartridges and a machete.

The Rt Rev Locati, Bishop of Isiolo since 1996, died after being shot five times