Bishop Says Christmas is Dead, Calls for Change

Bishop Larry Trotter of Sweet Holy Spirit Church in Chicago, Illinois, had a stern warning for his congregation on Christmas Day – he said that the original purpose behind the holiday is dead.

He elaborated by describing how too many things today sidetracked us from the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Jesus Christ. He said in an interview to ABC7 that the spirit of giving was important – but giving without expecting something in return.

He warned that a large number get pulled by the materialistic side of the holiday, especially in this time of need for so many. The bishop called for people to refocus and get back to their roots, and rediscover the true meaning of the holiday.

"Some of the old family traditions, pulling the family back together, people reading the Christmas story from the bible to their children,” he said, reminding of the old ways.

A number of parishioners interviewed shared their support for the message. One woman, Louise Scott, even asked her children not to buy her anything for Christmas – she just wanted them to come to church.

"My son came to church, and that's all I wanted him to do, was to hear that message that it's about God," she said, revealing that she got her Christmas wish.

Another woman, Carolann Davis, summarized the pastor’s message:

"Sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas, and it's all about the shopping and buying the gifts and people and love, but the real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Christ."

Earlier this month, Trotter declared his support for former U.S. representative Debbie Halvorson in her campaign for the 2nd District, saying that he believes she is the right person to fight for economic development in the hard hit district.

The bishop had previously supported the incumbent Jesse Jackson, Jr., but now described him as “inaccessible, unresponsive and disrespectful toward African-American clergy,” ABC shared.

Watch the video of Bishop Larry Trotter's Christmas message below:

Video: ABC7Bishop Larry Trotter shares his Christmas message