Bizarre Speed Boating Accident in Ozarks Lake Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

Viewers: Passengers Look Like 'Crash Test Dummies,' Ask: 'Where Were the Life Jackets?'

The YouTube video of a speed boating accident on the Lake of the Ozarks in late August has helped local Missouri police determine the cause of the accident which shook one driver and six passengers out of their seats. Although the driver was arrested for reckless and imprudent driving, no charges were brought against him.

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(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)Seven boaters were injured in a boating accident at Lake of the Ozarks on Aug. 31, 2012.

"We are very fortunate that none of the passengers were thrown out of the vessel. Especially since falls overboard are the most common fatality accident on a boat. Slow down and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination whether in a vehicle or by boat. You need to be ready to expect higher numbers of traffic on the water and road," Sgt.Jerry Callahan said in a statement, according to local news station KRCG-TV.

The bizarre boating accident occurred Friday, Aug. 24 at Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks when six passengers and one driver, identified as Marvin Carter, took the "Fountain" power boat to dangerously high speeds estimated at 70 miles per hour.

The 44-second video shows the passengers of the boat enjoying their dangerous joy ride. Suddenly, the boat hits the oncoming wake of another large vessel, and the passengers are violently tossed around the boat's deck.

According to GrindTV, a sports video website associated with Yahoo Sports, all seven boaters were injured and five were hospitalized after the accident.

"As viewers can see, none of the passengers was wearing a life jacket or any kind of protective gear, while clearly traveling at high speed," commented GrindTV.

While some commenters on the video urged the importance of life jackets and restraints, such as seat belts, when riding in such a high-speed vehicle, others were taking more of the "tough love" approach, saying that the passengers of the boat participated in "reckless stupidity."

"Driver's not wearing seat belt and operating at high speed. Negligence for the driver. I hope the police see this and charge him. Makes people think twice," commented one viewer on YouTube.

"They all look like crash test dummies tumbling inside a washing machine," commented another viewer.

The video, which has been posted under different titles on different websites, has gained over 1 million hits on YouTube since its posting on Sept. 1, 2012.