Black Friday 2011: Deal Hunters Predict Deals (VIDEO)

As the countdown to Black Friday continues shoppers are still looking for the best tips on acquiring the best deals. Here are some of the top products and sales that are likely to sell out fast:

 Black Friday 2011: Deal Hunters Predict Deals

7-inch Samsung Galaxy at under $300 and Motorola’s XOOM around $350, both lowered from a price of around $500.

RadioShack laptops, offering the Toshiba 15-inch laptop for under $300.

42-inch HDTV available at Wal-Mart and Target for $300, and 32-inch TVs for around $200, and 5-10 percent discounts on Apple iPod 2.

For Kindle fans, the Kindle Fire will be available at $199, but Kindle watchers are speculating that the price could go even lower.

The digital cameras world is expected to offer Superzooms at around $150 and Digital SLRs around $300.

There were at least 350 bargains on cameras last year; the speculation is there will be even more in 2011. And deals are expected to be even more abundant for cameras with 14 megapixels.

Black Friday will have a lot to offer consumers, the trick in acquiring the best deals is to do your homework in advance and compare prices. The internet is a great resource, but, you should also grab a circular from your local store during your travels and make a note of that special item. You will be ahead of the game.