Black Friday 2011: Gaming Console and Games Deals Leaked

With Black Friday only a few weeks away, most big name retailers are itching to get into the race.

Many stores are offering pre-Black Friday deals and Super Saturday door busters because stores will do anything to get consumers in their stores or at least to their website.

With gaming and electronics being the big hitters, retailers have leaked and then re-leaked sales, deals and door busters. However, consumers need to be careful when they start to go cross-eyed after hours of looking at ads, coupons, and clippings. Some deals are only for a particular day while others are for a particular time – usually a few hours during the day.

The next obstacle once the deal is found, which will bring that bundle of joy hours of amusement while giving weary shoppers those precious moments of silence, are getting the items before everyone else does. Nevertheless, do not worry; retailers are giving shoppers online many deals with some even offering free shipping, like Walmart.

There are numerous deals that shoppers can already sink their teeth into, such as GameStop and its $100 gift card with the purchase of an Xbox360 4 GB console and Kinect order.

Thrifty consumers, if they have not already, should consider refurbished or preowned games that offer great value. With a “guaranteed to work” policy, GameStop, and other retailers are trying to attract as many people as possible with discounts and other incentives for customers to visit their stores.

Shoppers who have not made their list should start with deals on popular bundles, such as the 160 GB PS3 holiday bundle with “Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One” and “LittleBigPlanet 2 Special Edition” for $199.

GameStop will open their doors at midnight Black Friday morning.

Holiday shoppers can also check out giant discount retailer Kmart, they have special sales for both Friday and Saturday. They are offering a Nintendo 3DS bundle for only $179, but that is only featured on Friday.

Saturday shoppers can get a Nintendo DSi for $149. Just make sure to double-check what items are available and what day retailers are offering the sale.

Moreover, check with the retailer for any last many changes or additions. For this particular holiday season there is no such thing as being over prepared.