Black Friday 2011: Smartphone Apps Guide Shoppers to Best Deals

Shoppers clamoring for a peak at the best bargains can look no further than their smartphones to help them save some money this holiday season.

Some of the applications on smartphones can help consumers find the lowest price and even record the amount of money they have spent throughout the holiday season.

The "Gift List" app created by Gennubi allows users to create a budget for their holiday shopping. It can track what gifts they want to buy and how much they cost. "Gift List" has a password feature to keep purchases secret.

The "Fastmall" app developed by MindSmack is useful for shoppers planning to buy gifts at the mall as it provides users with interactive maps and navigation to over 1,000 malls across the country. The app also directs users to restrooms and favorite stores.

The "TGI Black Friday" app developed by Ecatcher allows users to sift through holiday sale advertisements before they reach the local paper. It can also compare and share holiday deals.

There is even an app for shoppers who cannot stand the holiday crowd.

The "ShopStyle" app by Sugar lets users search and purchase clothes right on your phone. The app can also specify the search by brand, store and size.

"Price Check" by AMZN Mobile is another app for consumers looking for the best price. The app lets users take a picture of the item, scan the barcode or say its name in the microphone to search for the product at a lower price.

For shoppers cruising to look for gifts, the "GasBuddy" app created by the GasBuddy organization will guide them to the lowest price at the gas pump in their area.