Black Head, White Hands; University of Alabama Denies Photoshopping Diversity Onto Website

(Photo: Screen Grab via screen grab from the University of Alabama's homepage.

Despite 17 percent of its nearly 35,000 student population coming from racial minority groups, including a reported 12 percent African-American cohort, some claim the university has photoshopped the face of a black student into a picture that shows a group of white graduates on its homepage.

Local publication Yellowhammer News recently questioned whether the lone black student, among what appears to be four other white students in a picture featured on the homepage of the university's website, is the result of real inclusivity or the product of a botched Photoshop job.

(Photo: Screen Grab via

The publication reached out to the university for answers to this question and the school responded in a tweet which said: "Per our policy, students were not inserted or 'Photoshopped' into the graduation photo on The photo is unaltered."

(Photo: Screen Grab via Yellowhammer News)

Yellowhammer replied that they didn't Photoshop the photos below, either.

(Photo: Screen Grab via Yellowhammer News)
(Photo: Screen Grab via Yellowhammer News)
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