Black Woman Shot Dead in 'White Detroit Suburb' After Knocking Door-to-Door for Help Following Car Crash

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(Photo: WJBK Screenshot)After knocking on doors for help after a car accident a predominantly white Detroit suburb, 19-year-old Renisha McBride was shot in the head.

A community is looking for answers after 19-year-old Renisha McBride was shot in the head after seeking the help of residents in what media reports are describing as a predominantly white Detroit suburb following a car crash in the early morning of Nov. 4.

While Dearborn Heights authorities have refused to release details of the investigation, they have "identified the person who fired the shot and killed the woman."

According to her family, McBride was likely forced to go door-to-door because her cell phone had died

"She probably wanted to ask him to make a call for her or if she could use the phone," said McBride's maternal aunt, Bernita Spinks told WJBK News.

Yet McBride and others have no idea how their loved one ended up dead.

"This man just came to the door, by somebody just knocking? She didn't break in his house; she didn't break a window. What, you seen somebody on your porch and you just start shooting? And then you say it was accidental? That wasn't accidental; that wasn't accidental, no," Spinks said.

The family believes that McBride, who is black, was likely racially profiled and is relieved that the police have decided to seek charges in the case.

"I just want justice. I'm not going to stop until we get it," Spinks told Detroit News.

At a Wednesday night vigil, close to 40 family members and friends gathered to pray and share in their grief. Some chanted "No justice, no peace" and "Justice for Renisha."

"We are not going to let him get away with this senseless act he committed against this 19-year-old girl," Rev. W.J. Rideout told Detroit News.

According to Spinks, prosecutors have informed family members that the shooter is in his 50's. An autopsy has not yet been released.

McBride's case recalls a September incident where 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell knocked on the front door of a house in Georgia in the early morning following a car accident. The homeowner, instead of opening the door, called 911. When three police officers arrived, Ferrell ran towards the squad before officer Randall Kerrick drew his gun and shot him 10 times, killing the unarmed Ferrell.