BlackBerry 10 UI Screenshots Leaked: OS Features Siri-like Assistant

RIM just sent out invites to the event where the new BlackBerry 10 OS will be unveiled and screenshots of the software already have leaked.

Judging from the screenshots which surfaced on the internet earlier today, it can be seen that RIM has created a Siri-like function for BlackBerry 10.

The voice command system is seen asking the user "What can I do for you?" while the user replies by telling the device to schedule a meeting for them at 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Another screenshot reveals what appears to be the phone application equipped with a dialpad, contacts and the call logs. The other picture shows various chats that have been started by the user and a side menu appearing offering the next action.

The software looks quite interesting. The only question left is what kind of hardware will RIM use on its next line of smartphones and what kind of apps will be available in the ecosystem.

RIM will give the public a first look at its new BlackBerry 10 OS at its upcoming media event set to take place on Jan. 30 2013.

The company sent out invites to this event earlier today shortly before these new screenshots surfaced.

RIM's market share has been on the decline for quite some time as companies such as Apple and Google have dominated the smartphone arena.

Samsung has been the one of the major culprits for RIM's demise as its Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 Android-powered smartphones have dominated a spot formerly reserved for RIM's BlackBerry. The toss up in most countries seems to be between the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 at this point. RIM needs to release a device on par with these two if it ever hopes to gain back its prominence in the market.