Blackberry 10 vs. iPhone 5: RIM Device Features Better Display Resolution

The Blackberry 10 vs. iPhone 5 battle has already begun behind closed doors as a writer for The Los Angeles Times recently stated that the screen on the all touch BlackBerry 10 device has a better resolution than the iPhone 5.

Andrea Chang of the LA Times recently got a hands-on first look at a BlackBerry 10 device at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Upon looking at the device's screen, Chang declared that the phone "has a screen resolution better than the iPhone 5," and that it also has a "faster browser."

She also got to test out some of the operating system's new features including BlackBerry Hub, where users can find their email, notifications and social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. The Hub is located to the left of the on-screen image and can be accessed with a drag of the finger, according to Chan. Users also do not have to quit a task in order to access it.

RIM has also incorporated dual profiles for the new OS as a user can have one for "personal" use, and the other for "work." This means that different app grids will be utilized based on which profile the user is in. During company hours, users will not be able to use Facebook, and the app will not show up under their work profile. However, it will be there on their personal profile.

Chang also had the opportunity to test out BB10's new virtual keyboard. She stated that it gave her more accurate results when typing in comparison to her iPhone. She said that its predictive text was quite helpful, but far from perfect.

BlackBerry 10 will be unveiled at RIM's media event set to take place on Jan. 30.