BlackBerry 7250 Buying Frenzy Begins, Retailer Slashes Prices by 50 Percent

A BlackBerry 7250 buying frenzy started recently, according to used cell phone retailer Cellular Country, who is reporting that the older RIM device is one of their best sellers.

"According to Cellular Country, the BlackBerry 7250 in its lineup has started a buying frenzy. The buying frenzy started as soon as the company announced its BlackBerry sale," said the company in a press release. "The sale started last Friday July 27, 2012 and will continue until August 15, 2012."

The retailer slashed BlackBerry prices by 50 percent, making this older model just $103.99.

"The 7250 has all of the features that endeared customers to the BlackBerry brand," the retailer continued. "This phone allows users to easily access and browse: the Internet, send and receive emails, use instant messages, and organize different applications."

The device launched back in 2005 and still appeals to BlackBerry fans thanks to many of the features included in the retailer's description of it.

The 7250 features the trademark QWERTY BlackBerry keyboard as well as Bluetooth sync, PC sync, USB, WAP, GPS, voice memo, and to-do list. However, it does not have a camera.

Cellular Country is offering deals on many other BlackBerrys, with prices for the devices varying from $19.99 to $221.99. The retailer is seeking to improve its status as a premier cell phone retailer with this BlackBerry sale.

The BlackBerry's popularity has declined in recent years thanks to the introduction of the iPhone and other all touch-screen handsets.

The device's classic keyboard makes the BlackBerry a mainstay in the market as writing texts and emails is much simpler on the non-touch models.

RIM is expected to launch a new line of BlackBerrys sometime next year that will be all touch.