BlackBerry Q10 Continues to Soar, Device Fares Extremely Well in Canada

The new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone recently launched in several countries including Canada, where sales for the device have been impressive thus far.

The Q10 debuted in both Canada and Britain last week and is the second smartphone to be introduced that runs the new BlackBerry 10 operating system following the all touch Z10 model. Industry analyst Peter Misek recently boasted of the smartphone's success in those countries in a note to clients last week.

"Our checks indicate broad sell-outs with generally limited stock otherwise," said the Jeffries analyst. "Based on our store checks, the BlackBerry Q10 has been selling extremely well and has been sold out or seeing limited availability in Toronto and across the U.K."

Jeffries findings are based on checks with top mobile carriers and retailers in both countries including, Bell, Rogers and Telus in Canada, and Carphone Warehouse, Vodafone, and Orange in Britain.

A popular U.K. retailer known as Selfridge & Co. recently stated that the new BlackBerry Q10 might be its "best selling smartphone ever."

The device reportedly sold 2,000 units in the first 90 minutes, according to blogger Michael Collins, who witnessed it firsthand while visiting the Selfridge's Car Phone Warehouse.

"They were bringing phones up in baskets, hundreds at a time," wrote Collins in an April 26 blog post. "At 3 p.m., without phones left, they still had lines in the multi-buyer section and individual buyers' section. People were just trying to secure stock for tomorrow."

The store manager was even asked about the Q10's sales in comparison to the Z10. She said it was "leagues beyond" what they had seen previously.

Both the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10 have received mixed to positive reviews. The Q10 has been praised for staying true to the original BlackBerry form factor featuring the traditional full QWERTY keyboard.