BlackBerry Z10 Release Date Set for March 27 on T-Mobile

A recent leak revealed that T-Mobile will be releasing five new devices in the near future, with one of them being the BlackBerry Z10.

These gadgets also include the T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE, Samsung Galaxy Exhibit, the Galaxy S3 LTE and the Galaxy Exhibit

All of these devices will launch on March 27.

The iPhone is also rumored to be launching on the carrier at the end of March. However, that is just speculation for now.

The Galaxy S3 LTE will basically be a faster version of the first model similar to what AT&T did when it released the S2 Skyrocket at the end of 2011. The Galaxy Exhibit is also expected to be a fast smartphone that features 4G connectivity and better memory than its predecessor. feels that this information leak could have been caused to stir up interest for the new devices.

"Could every leak that is 'reported' be just a marketing ploy meant to stir market interest? Recently, information was intentionally leaked that March 27 will be a big day for T-Mo," wrote the site.

Judging from the leak, it appears that T-Mobile will have its LTE network up and running in the near future. In order to bring the iPhone to the carrier, they must have the ability to connect to LTE networks. T-Mobile would also need it to have an LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

T-Mobile has suffered over the past few years for not having LTE. It has hindered the carrier from offering many of today's popular smartphones at their full potential.

AT&T's LTE network has been up and running for almost two years and Verizon's for almost three. The move will definitely boost T-Mobile's sales.