BlackBerry Z10 Review Round-Up

The BlackBerry Z10 reviews have been a bit mixed and many fans of the brand of smartphone are worried that the company formerly known as RIM has not done enough to excite consumers.

Many criticisms of the BlackBerry Z10 stem from the lack of innovation in its design. Critics such as the Associated Press say it looks like an iPhone or Android knock-off.

"It doesn't exactly help that the Z10 looks like every other smartphone on the shelf. It's flat black slab with a touch screen, nearly indistinguishable at 15 feet from the iPhone 5 or a bevy of Android smartphones," said AP.

On a positive note, the publication said the Z10 is easier to use than Android, giving users faster access to emails, tweets, and text messages.

CNET's review basically said that the Z10 will satisfy BlackBerry fans, but will not persuade Android or iOS users to jump ship.

"Though it's not quite enough to draw committed iPhone or Android owners, the BlackBerry Z10's modern design and features give BlackBerry fans what they've hungered for," said CNET.

The main drawbacks for the site were BlackBerry 10's inefficiencies, which included lackluster applications.

The Verge elaborated on the OS's problems and criticized BlackBerry's decision to allow Android developers to submit their apps to its market.

"The Android apps I tested while using the Z10 performed abysmally on the phone. Sluggish, ugly, and disconnected from the core OS. In fact, because these apps are being run in a software emulation of Android they bear little to no relationship to the rest of the operating system," said The Verge.

However, the publication agreed with CNET in saying that the BlackBerry Z10 is a pretty good smartphone that might have a hard time converting Apple and Android users.

"The Z10 is a good smartphone. Frankly, it's a better smartphone than I expected from RIM at this stage in the game. It does everything a modern phone should do, usually without hesitation. The problem with the Z10 is that it doesn't necessarily do anything better than any of its competition," said The Verge.