'Blosson Detective Holmes' News, Spoilers: 'Voltron' Director Working on Sherlock Holmes-Inspired Anime, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter/Steve AhnThe key art for "Blossom Detective Holmes"

Anime lovers who want to get their Sherlock Holmes fix will want to check out "Blossom Detective Holmes."

A project by "Voltron: Legendary Defender" director and "The Legend of Korra" assistant director Steve Ahn, the thrilling crime mystery mini-series follows the adventures of a young girl skilled in the art of detection named Skylar Holmes and Jamie, who is her Watson in the story.

With her expert detective skills and heightened, hound-like sense of smell coupled with Jamie's unparalleled attention to detail, Skylar will get to the bottom of mysteries and crimes anywhere in the world in "Blossom Detective Holmes."

Ahn takes pride in the Sherlock Holmes-inspired series as the first of its kind: an independent animated mini-series genre. It is currently on Kickstarter with Ahn and his team looking to get financial support to get it going.

So far, his team has only completed the pilot episode titled "Selfie with a Strange Intruder." Here, Skylar and Jamie, who is armed with a special Polaroid camera that can transport them anywhere in the world with a literal snap of the camera, work on a case of a suspicious robbery from Mr. Edvard that took place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ahn intends to do five more episodes that will run for six minutes each. Their minimum goal for the second episode of "Blossom Detective Holmes" is $60,000. This will increase as they work on the rest of the installments with around $300,000 by the final episode. So far, the campaign has racked up a little over $42,000.

They also set "super stretch goals" that involve English dub with professional voice actors, an animated opening and ending, and a theme song by a K-Pop artist — all of which require up to $500,000.

Those who help make "Blossom Detective Holmes" reach their goals will of course receive tons of rewards including clothing merchandise, art books, posters, shoutouts by the creators and more. Those interested can read all about it here, as well as see the breakdown of where the money will go.

The funded "Blossom Detective Holmes" episodes are planned to be released for backers summer next year with a screening in Los Angeles.