Blue Ivy Carter's Lunch Date in Paris Excites Beyonce, Jay-Z Fans

Beyonce Knowles-Carter, 31, her husband Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, 43, and their one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter were recently photographed taking a family lunch in Paris, France.

The family of three were spotted dining at Szptime restaurant where they were recently photographed by fans, according to blogger Necole Kane. The parents and entertainers took turns holding their 15-month-old daughter in the dining establishment.

While Knowles-Carter appeared makeup free with a smile while interacting with her family, her rapper husband kissed his daughter when Blue Ivy was in his arms. Fans of the famous family took to social networking websites like Twitter to react to the new photograph of the growing baby.

"Blue Ivy is so cute," one person tweeted.

Other people were surprised at the rate the young Carter was growing at.

"I'm just gonna say it… Blue Ivy does not look like a 1 year old," one person tweeted. "Easily 2-3 yrs old. cute kid though. :) (SIC)."

While others shared in the same sentiments, some believed the baby looked just like her mother.

"Looks JUST like beyonce," another person tweeted.

Others chose to focus on the love that the couple seemed to share for their child.

"If people loved their children as much as they love BLUE IVY, imagine how beautiful the world would become," another person tweeted.

Knowles Carter recently revealed that she has visions of her daughter becoming the U.S. president one day.

"I'm telling my daughter every day, you know you can be president, you know it's possible," she said in a "Chime For Change" video. "I know she has no idea why I'm saying that, but at one year old, I'm like, you know you can be president."

In the meantime, the baby became a trending topic on Twitter after her pictures surfaced Thursday. One person assessed the baby's popularity on the social networking website.

"The world is happy to see Blue Ivy that just goes to show you," the person tweeted.