Thursday, June 28, 2012
Bluestacks Allows People to Use Android Apps on a Mac

Bluestacks Allows People to Use Android Apps on a Mac

Anyone wanting to run Android applications on a Mac can do so by acquiring Bluestacks, a tool that recently launched for PC and Apple computers.

The software is often referred to as the "Parallels for Android," and it supports 17 Android applications on OS X and brings some of Google's finer games to Apple's ecosystem.

Two of these apps, including Pulse and Words With Friends come packaged with Bluestacks, and high-resolution support for Retina Macs and additional apps are also coming soon, according to the company.

Bluestacks launched a beta version of their App player for Windows back in March. It also allowed PC users to access Android apps on Windows. The newest version brings the same features to the Mac computer.

The Windows version also allows users to run any Android app without modification while the early Mac version is limited to the 15 apps that come bundled with the download. Other apps that come with it include Air Control Lite, Alchemy, Basketball Shot, Drag Racing, Elastic World, Facebook, Glow Hockey, Guns'n'Glory, Paper Toss, Pulse, Robo Defense, Seemic, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Zebra Plant.

Bluestacks' support page states that it plans on opening the Mac version up to over 400,000 Android apps in the near future.

"The Bluestacks App Player for Mac OSX (alpha) supports both Lion and Snow Leopard. You can test drive a fixed set of curated apps for the first release (alpha-1)," said the company on its support page. "In the very near future, BlueStacks will let you select from over 400,000 Android apps to play on your Mac."

The software can be accessed as a free download on the BlueStack's website.



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