Bluetree Becomes Christian Music's Best Selling New Artist of 2009

Ireland-based worship band Bluetree has become the Christian music industry's best selling new artist of 2009 after taking the top position on the Christian Retail and Praise & Worship charts for a fourth consecutive week.

"God is truly doing something wonderful here," said Bluetree producer and engineer Paul Mills. "We can all look back at this and realize that this is so much bigger than humans could pull off. God's miraculous blessing made this happen!"

Before the release of their debut U.S. album, God Of This City, Bluetree was already well known for its hit song of the same name, which was covered by worship leader Chris Tomlin on two albums and became the name and theme for the latest project and world tour of the Passion movement led by Louie Giglio.

When their album hit No. 1 in the Christian Retail charts its debut week, the five-man band could hardly contain their excitement.

"We are so excited about the future," reported Aaron Boyd, Pete Kernoghan, Jonny Hobson, Conor McCrory, and Peter Nickell.

"God is opening up great opportunities for the band and we really appreciate all [our fans'] support and prayers as we move into this next exciting phase for the band," they added.

The band's music style has been described as a convergence of worship, rock, and techno – three words that "don't seem to fit very easily into the same sentence."

"Bluetree is an experience," the band says. "Through all the noises and beats, all the melodies and harmonies, what we want [listeners] to experience is the overwhelming presence of God."

As an independent band from Belfast, Ireland, Bluetree had recorded their debut album at the Windmill Lane Studios, the preferred studio of Irish rock group U2. The record was eventually released in September 2007 and picked up on January 24, 2008, by Fierce! Records for U.K. distribution.