Bob Barker Banned From 'Price is Right' Anniversary Episode

Bob Barker revealed that he is fine with having been withheld from the 40th anniversary of the long running game show "Price is Right." He, added that if he were the executive producer, things would have been done differently.

For the anniversary, show producers invited some former contestants and played several clips that included the 88-year-old, but Barker was not present during the taping.

Speaking of the show's producers, Barker said they "chose to ignore me, which is fine … They haven't even offered me a DVD," Barker told the Associated Press during an interview Tuesday.

Yet, Barker has a feeling that it was his longtime advocacy of animals' rights that kept the shows producers from inviting him to the anniversary.

Barker, who ended his show with the line "Help control the pet population: Have your pets spayed or neutered," feels that he was left out of the show for his support and outspokenness for animals' rights.

"I have been critical of them for giving away prizes that I consider inappropriate," Barker told AP.

The show had given prizes containing tickets to Sea World and the Calgary Stampede and according to Barker, both of those operations have had reported cases of animal abuse.

"We really became very careful about what we put on the show … Had I been the executive producer, they would not have even considered bringing me tickets to the Calgary Stampede of all things," Barker said.

Along with his message about animal population control and his support for animals' rights Barker has also been a large financial supporter of animal causes, giving millions to various organizations.

Barker maintains that he has come to terms with not being on the anniversary show, but added that "when you celebrate a 40th anniversary, you would think you'd have the fellow who did the show for 35 years there."